Can the Seats You Choose Really Save You Money?

Can the seats you choose really save you money? A recent survey by CCJ to company drivers found that they rated more comfortable seats as the most important feature on the truck they drive. Find out what drivers are saying in this special white paper by National Seating and learn how choosing a better seat can save your fleet money today!

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New Routemaster 650 Launches!

National Seating Launches the New and Improved Routemaster 650 National Seating has launched the new and improved Routemaster 650 to replace the Routemaster 640. Now utilizing the premium 95-air, dual damper suspension, the new Routemaster 650 will provide the premium level of comfort in demand by the school bus drivers today! The Routemaster series of aftermarket replacement seats for drivers bosts a total of seven inches of fore/aft track travel allowing shorter drivers a better pedal reach and improve the comfortable and safe driving habits for school bus drivers! Be sure to check out the great line-up of school bus...

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